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IP address is located in a so called private network IP range. It is part of IP address block which includes 65536 IP addresses. IP address is frequently used by certain model of routers as a default IP address. If this IP address is used for the router then typically addresses will be used to identify devices on the network. is used as a default IP address by following routers:

  • D-Link DSR series routers including DSR-1000, DSR-500N and others
  • TiVo bridge
  • TRENDnet TEW series routers including TEW-654TR, TEW-732BR and others
  • Toshiba WRC series routers including WRC-1000 and others
  • NEC WG series routers including WG1800HP, WG1400HP and others

If you know that your router is using IP qddress then just type it in to the browser address bar and press enter. You should see a router login interface on the screen. If you don't see it then it means that your router is either using a different IP address or you are not connected to the right network.

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