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Recover Router Password

There are two main login credentials which are associated with your router. One set of credentials is router admin tool login and another is SSID credentials used to connect to router controlled Wi-Fi networks. Below we describe how you can get both of these credentials.

Get Wi-Fi network credentials

If you don't remember your Wi-Fi network credentials first step would be to look for a label on a side or bottom of your router. Typically internet provider companies place labels with default SSID and Wi-Fi password there. If you cannot find Wi-Fi login credentials there you should try looking in the router admin UI. This UI is accessible via router IP address. Type your router IP address (you can learn how to get it on Access Gateway page) in your browser address bar and press Enter. You should see router login UI. If you see an error message it means that you type incorrect IP address. Login to your router using admin credentials (if you don't know router admin credentials you can read how to find them out below). Look for "Local Network", then "WLAN", then "SSID settings". Note that path to SSID settings could vary depending on your router model. After you navigate to a list of SSIDs you can view or edit passwords for any of them.

Get Router Admin credentials

Similar to SSID credentials you should first check for a label on a side or bottom of your router. Many ISPs place information about router administrative login there. If you cannot find it there you should check if default router credentials will work. Every router is shipped from a factory with preset credentials and in many cases these credentials never changed. You can check list of available credentials for routers associated with IP address on our default router credentials page. If default credentials don't work and there is no other way for you to get the password, you can try to reset your router which will return its password to factory ones. But it is recommended to do it only if you are able to configure the network again because router reset will destroy all network configuration settings.

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