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Access Router/Gateway IP

Even though router configuration is not a task computer users need to perform on a daily basis, there are many cases when it is necessary. Setting up port forwarding, looking for or changing Wi-Fi SSIDs parameters, blacklisting IPs and many more are typical task which will require you to access the router configuration console. In most network configurations router is the same a default gateway thus you only need to access only one device to change network configuration. It is important to know that changing network configuration in the router administration UI may be technically complex task and it is recommended to ask a qualified professional to do this. But certain simple tasks like configuring SSIDs could be performed by regular computer user. Below are instructions on how to access router/gateway for most operating systems.

Windows Operating System

  • Press "Start" button and type "Command Prompt" in a search box.
  • Select "Command" or "cmd" from the list of applications.
  • You should see a textual window open on the screen. Type your "ipconfig /all" in it and press Enter.
  • You will see several lines with a textual information about your network configuration.
  • Look for "default gateway" line. IP address will be at the end of this line.


  • Launch Terminal
  • Type "ip route | grep default"
  • You should see output similar to the one below: user$ ip route | grep default\u2028 default via dev eth0 proto static
  • IP router address will be located in the second line ( in this example).
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