Admin Login Admin is an IP address from a private address space and could be used to address 254 IP addresses in a class C network. IP addresses from to are assigned to the devices in the network. Router uses IP address to identify itself on a network and every device which needs to connect to the router will use to find it. IP address could be used by the following routers:

  • Arris TM, TG, and Surfboard series routers
  • Askey RTW series routers
  • Netgear CM, C, Nighthawk, CMD routers
  • SMC D3CM1604 routers
  • TP-Link TC series routers
  • Zyxel MWR102 router
  • Ubee UBC1302, U10C019, DDW2602, DDW2602 routers
  • USRobotics USR6000 router

To access your router administrative UI go to your browser and type into the address bar. Press Enter. If you don't see router login prompt then most probably your router is using another IP address to identify itself. Read our access default router page on how to find out a correct router IP.

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